Living Room Interior Decorating Tips

When it comes to decorating your home, whether for the first time or the tenth, you may come short when it comes to ideas. Before you go spend money on an interior designer for tips and hints, do your own research and make note of the ideas that will work for your living areas. It is both possible and practical to get ideas for decorating from people you know, websites you trust and television shows you enjoy. Making a living room look like a million bucks doesn’t need to cost a million bucks.

The following are a few tips to get you started when decorating your living room.

Choosing Your Colors

The common homeowner may have trouble figuring out how to choose colors for their new decorating project. However, there is a very simple trick that even professional interior designers use when it comes to choosing a color palate. Simply take an existing piece of furniture, or perhaps a new piece that you will be buying, and choose colors from it. For instance, your multi-colored sofa, that beautiful new framed wall print or that glass blown bowl sitting on your coffee table might hold the answer. Choose neutral colors for walls and carpet, and bright, bold colors for accents as not to be too overpowering.

Furniture Arrangement

Many rooms in a home necessitate the furniture arrangement to be a certain way. If you’re lucky, you have several options when it comes to arranging the seating in your living room. If you have a fireplace, you can place a sofa and recliner on a wall beside it, or even several feet directly in front of it. If your room is large enough, it’s a bold look to place two sofas facing each other, with a focal point on the wall (such as the fireplace) between the length of them. Arrange seating evenly throughout the room and be sure to use furniture that is neither too large nor too small in proportion to the room itself. In addition, using too many and too few pieces of furniture can throw a room’s look off.

Inexpensive Wall Decor

Many homeowners spent countless choosing floor coverings, decorative accents and furniture arrangements — only to forget the most noticeable part of the room — the walls! The good news is that after spending money on your decorating project, you can still afford to cover those walls with beautiful hangings. Look for prints at a local poster or art shop and frame them yourself for less money. Consider using eye catching designs from used calendars and framing them. Some walls may only need one or two framed items, especially if you’ve already accented that wall with a color other than the other walls in the room. Framed family portraits are also a good wall covering choice.

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